Psynamo Celebrates: International Coaching Supervision Day 19th May 2018

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Celebrate with the Team at Psynamo Group May 19th 2018

 International Coaching Supervision Day!

Supervision, or Super-VISION as it is sometimes referred to, comes in many shapes, with over 400 forms throughout the various helping disciplines. In the mental health field, this has been an established and necessary part of professional training, development and practice for some time and is considered an indispensable element in ensuring the highest level of ethical practice.

The profession of coaching, as an extension of the helping professions, has begun to embrace the concept of reflective practice as an element of professional development in the form of coaching supervision. Currently, only the Association for Coaching in the UK and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council based in Belgium, and with chapters around the globe, make supervision an integral part of coach training, development, accreditation and continuing professional practice as a coaching professional. They also offer accreditation as a coaching supervisor, placing rigorous standards on the issuing of such credentials. This practice is surely due to expand as more and more organisations and professional bodies become aware not only of the research available that supports the positive results of regular supervision but ultimately the improved satisfaction of coaches and coachees. It pays to be professional!

Like coaching, supervision is a collaborative process that uses clear contracting to make the best and most use of time and to ensure the relationship in that moment is as authentic as it can be. Unlike coaching, each session does not necessarily have to build on some greater ‘SMARTS’ goal. Supervision is a professionally developmental relationship built on trust and using reflective practices, where supervisee and supervisor discover together each time in a way that may not occur when reflecting alone. It is a unique way to learn and can be more rewarding, professionally and personally, than trying to see what you cannot see for yourself when alone.

The Team at the Psynamo Group wish you a

Happy International Coaching Supervision Day today!

Enjoy Reflecting…

Staff Writer: Scarlett Mattoli, MSc, MSc, MA

Scarlett is a Coaching Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Psychometrist. She is a full member of the ISCP, the AC and the EMCC, having additionally achieved accreditation with the latter two, in addition to having membership and accreditation with a number of other professional bodies for other disciplines in which she is trained.

She has been coaching with individuals and in a family context since 2007, completing her research masters in coaching psychology in 2013 with the University of East London and diploma in coaching supervision in 2015 with the Coaching Supervision Academy. Scarlett supervises coaches on a one-to-one and group basis in person and via secure online platform.

Scarlett has a background of 25 years in psychology with a focus on cognitive neuropsychology, assessment and psychotherapy, and is due to complete her doctorate in clinical psychology in late 2018. She utilises knowledge gained in these areas to support her coaching supervision and coaching practices where appropriate, especially when issues present that cross-over coaching and mental-health boundaries.