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Our Group Services

Working with others to reflect and grow can be a powerful adjunct to one-to-one psychotherapy. The team at the Psynamo Group run regular group sessions throughout the year to support a range of presentations.

Lunch, Learn, and Lean:  Adult ADHD Support Circle

Do you find yourself:

  • Struggling to complete tasks that others seem to do with little to no problem? 
  • Having different piles of things on your desk that never seem to go down?
  • Procrastinating, becoming easily distracted and beating yourself up about it?
  • Running late?
  • Interrupting during meetings and when people are talking?
  • Feeling like getting through each day can be a challenge?
  • Reading anything longer than a magazine article kind of exhausting?

These can be some indicators of ADHD; and you’re not alone.  If you have a diagnosis, think these criteria might apply to you, or are a partner of someone with ADHD, then please join us for “Lunch, Learn, and Lean: ADHD Support Circle”. 

What we offer:  Education, Validation, and Compassionate support.  We provide a safe and welcoming space where individuals with ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed), and/or their partners, can connect, grow, and thrive together with the support of a qualified counsellor.

Education: There is so much to learn about ADHD and the more that we learn about it, the more we are aware of how affects our lives.  We will learn about neurobiology, medication, and skill-building to help develop effective coping strategies, time-management techniques and self-care practices.

Validation:  We can increase our mindfulness from the education which can lead to ‘oh, that’s why I’m doing that’ moments.  Understanding why you might be doing something, and that maybe that it isn’t your fault, can help shift the negativity and internalization that many people with ADHD experience.  We love validation!

Compassionate Support:  Finding a community that understands and supports your unique journey with ADHD is essential. Lunch, Learn, and Lean provides a safe and welcoming space where individuals with ADHD, and/or their partners, can connect, grow, and thrive together.  You aren’t alone and you don’t need to feel alone.

What you need to bring:  An open mind, a curious attitude, a desire for help and a lunch that isn’t too crunchy, distracting or strong smelling (people with ADHD tend to be sensitive). 

When:  12pm-1:30pm Wednesdays (except public holidays).

Where:  Openmind located inside of Psynamo 1206 Car Po Building 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Cost:  9880 HKD per month (four sessions)

Booking: Contact: flourish@psynamo.com +852 9676 6506 or sign up directly by following this link.

Other currently running support groups include;

  • Teen Anxiety
  • SPED Parents/Caregivers/Families
  • Individuals recovering from substance misuse and behavioural compulsions
  • Adult ADHD
  • New Fathers

Write in confidence to learn more about how you can join one of our groups. support@psynamo.com

“To engage each person in their future with sensitive, confidential and professional therapeutic care.”

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1205/6 Car Po Commercial Building
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