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Zaha Refaaq

Zaha Refaaq

Masters of Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapist

Zaha is an interdisciplinary artist and expressive arts therapist. Born in Hong Kong and raised in southeast Asia, she identifies as a third culture kid, which has influenced her approach to her personal and community work. Being exposed to varied cultures has deepened her worldview and ability to adapt.

Staying close to the present and working within transition are key philosophies that connect with the principles of expressive art therapy (EXA). EXA explores various art forms; music, visual arts, movement, creative writing and role play within sessions through the lens of curiosity and imagination. The opportunity to gradually introduce the arts as a form of expression provides the pathway for release and healing.

Zaha’s experience has been predominantly with children, working both individually and in group settings. She
specialises in engaging with children of diverse needs, providing social and emotional support for individuals with; ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, selective mutism and those experiencing bereavement, self-esteem and relationship challenges.

Zaha has completed a Master’s in Expressive Art Therapy with a minor in Psychology and offers her practice in

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