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Careers Counselling

Careers Counselling and Careers Coaching with Psynamo

We all can have some point in our life when we will consider what we would like to do as a career, what we are doing currently in our work, how we might like to change to another career or improve career prospects for advancement or even return to work after a hiatus, for whatever reason.

Regardless of your circumstances, the careers support specialists at Psynamo work to put you in charge of your future. Whether consulting for students or top level executives, we aim to provide a full-service option that will support you in discovering your best opportunities for further education or for a potential employer.

We offer a range of comprehensive packages that are designed to suit any query, and then some. If you do not see what you want here however, please just call or write and we are happy to provide a bespoke service to suit your needs.

Our basic services include individual or group careers assessment, advisement and consulting for students, adults or whole school and corporate needs, including presentations and in-house professional development for a variety of end-user results.

Careers Services

Our Careers Counseling, Coaching and Consulting services provide professional expert personal guidance to empower you to increase awareness and understanding of your own strengths, personal qualities and goals in connection with career options as well as to understand the influence of external factors on present and future opportunities. You will become better equipped to analyse study and career options in order to become more committed to decisions about your own future. You will receive the encouragement needed to realise personal ambitions and will develop flexibility to respond to new opportunities as they present themselves.

When working with Careers Counsellors, Coaches and Consultants at Psynamo, you will be able to discover your values, interests and abilities and then work as a team to design your own personal development plan. We will work to support your development through specific objective guided discovery of your personal:

  • Occupational Expectations and Goals
  • Interests and Motivational Qualities
  • Strengths and Personal Qualities
  • Working and Learning Styles

We begin with one-to-one consultation, assessment of personality, aptitude, interest and values, and culminate in advisement on educational and career possibilities. You will be provided with a full written report detailing:

  • an objective picture of study and work-related strengths and weaknesses
  • options open to you on the best “fit” for your individual strengths and weaknesses, ambitions and personal circumstances
  • advice on how to seek roles in the identified career roles after any further steps towards education or personal development have been taken

Additional support for our Careers services can include:

  • learning how to construct and/or update and improve a resume
  • learning how to do or improve upon interviewing techniques
  • developing your own job-seeking skills and/or improve upon existing strategies

Individualized support for those with learning differences, return to work situations, career change and advancement opportunities as well as first adult work situations are also always supported with enthusiasm.

Student Educational Careers Interest Support

Students, Parents and Teachers are all working towards a positive future result by engaging in any course of study. While all educational systems set out to prepare their pupils for further education and supply them with the optimal teaching for future development, there is always room for support for educational and careers interest advisement.

We work to support students to self-select educational and career paths that are most likely to fulfill their ambitions and dreams while still aligning with their real desires and abilities.

Workshops for Students

In-house or in-school workshops for Careers development with Psynamo can support your students in developing self- awareness, self-confidence in abilities and a future focus on investment in one’s self. We support all students in finding out what is going to work best for them, their experiences, their families and their ideas for their own future.

In addition to the above benefits provided with using our Careers services, students, families and educators can also receive professional expert support with:

  • application writing for university and work placement
  • university placement and work/study interviewing techniques
  • sourcing vacation work and intern and/or part-time work opportunities
  • advisement and support in applications for postgraduate study opportunities.