Celebrate Brain Awareness Week 11-17 March, 2019 with the Team at Psynamo

BAW_2019_HeaderResearch from the field of neuroscience has been steadily adding to our understanding of human development, disease, and potential for many decades. Each year the Team at Psynamo take a moment or two to celebrate and share these learnings with others in addition to our year-round activities.

The Dana Foundation has been supporting the worldwide Brain Awareness Week for over 25 years by encouraging researchers, scientists, and practitioners everywhere to open their labs and libraries to help others understand what their work is about. Neuroscience research has helped medicine and the mental health professions to jump leaps and bounds in terms of support for patients, whether it come in the form of medications to support tremor control in Parkinson’s, better understanding of the progression of dementia’s and Alzheimer’s, or improved treatment planning for individuals experiencing ADHD.

Each year, the team at Psynamo spend time this week to share with schools, parent groups, organisations, anyone and everyone really, some of the benefits of cutting edge neuroscience research and what this means for care, prevention, and treatment. We have been celebrating this with the Dana Foundation and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives since 1997!

One of the most important ways we can care for our brain and ourselves is to ensure we are taking care of the Brain’s Big 8…

  • Get (enough) sleep
  • Stay hydrated (with water)
  • Eat a stable and nutritionally informed diet
  • Exercise (walking counts!) every day
  • Learn something new (connect or rewire)
  • Play! (yes, have some fun)
  • Protect your head (from sun, cold, and injury)
  • Connect with others…family, friends, peers, or in the community

This Wednesday 13th March, we will be sharing about the neuroscience of addictions – come learn with us! See http://www.psynamo.com for more information.

Wishing you an inspiring Brain Awareness Week!