Support National (US) Eating Disorders Awareness Week!

MountainSunriseThis week in the US, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is honouring 25th February to 3rd March and National Eating Disorders Awareness Week with the theme of “Come as you are”.

Awareness is a first necessary step to bring all issues into light but also to support change so we can all be on the same page about how ED issues can take hold of the lives of those who are experiencing it. Talking about how our relationship with food and others can be healthy is only part of the equation. Keeping open lines of healthy communications and feeling safe enough to seek support are easier said than done but necessary parts to creating sustainable change in our communities.

The team at Psynamo support all mental health issues year-round and provide one-to-one-support for individuals experiencing an ED. We offer support for the families and friends around them as a necessary part of the change. We provide space for group support for those in recovery to create sustainable change.

Our team are offering a talk on Mindful Awareness Eating Monday 4th March, 6.30-8pm at the OpenMind learning space in Central to share more knowledge and support tips with anyone who wishes to learn. We offer this, and a series of affordable learning opportunities each year as a part of our Project: Community Mental Health efforts, now celebrating our fourth year. Sign up for this talk, or any of the others this Spring on our website or on eventbrite and enjoy the learning!

Starting the discussions around all mental health issues is critical and about how we care for our bodies and minds is an essential part of life. What can you do to support this important cause so we can move towards a new dawn focused on prevention and not just putting out fires…

Flourish today and in the future!