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The Psynamo Group team fully support and embrace the movement to include virtual therapy in the range of options for mental health care. We have been providing the option of online support for a number of years now in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

Whilst working virtually cannot fully replace the richness achieved with in-person sessions, a great deal of positive work can be achieved in this virtual environment with a well-trained and experienced practitioner.

Our team members work with you one-on-one through our HIPAA compliant e-Therapy platform. You only need to be on a stable source of wifi, in a private location, and with video and audio enabled on your phone or computer. This means that you can have support where and when you need it most at the touch of a button.

Working with one of our therapists virtually offers a viable way to receive support for life’s issues whilst saving on travel time and keeping your self healthy. For those who already have an established therapeutic relationship, it means that you can maintain the positive momentum whilst traveling for work, holidays, or other needs. For those who live remotely or who are unable to attend in-person sessions, such as in the case of illness, hospitalisation, or even in extreme cases of anxiety, knowing that mental health help is available on demand can alleviate yet another stressor in life. Whilst we need to isolate or even remain in quarantine, time investing in yourself and with professional support can be a positive way to self-care.

Psychotherapy services provided virtually can very successfully support a range of presentations, including;

  • low mood
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • stress management
  • grief and loss
  • life transitions
  • learning differences support
  • and more….

As a stand-alone form of therapy however, it is not ideally suited to certain presentations such as with substance abuse and similar more complicated presentations which would be better supported with in-person sessions and behavioural interventions.

Please do ask if you are unsure, we always aim to provide the most appropriate support for each individual’s unique situation and needs.

Write today to learn more or if you are ready to arrange an appointment with one of out therapists who supports online therapy sessions, go to our Appointments page and arrange to meet with someone soon.