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DIR Floortime

DIR Floortime

What is DIR Floortime?

DIR Floortime is an evidenced-based, relationship-based approach focusing on developing the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and language abilities through meaningful positive interactions.

The DIR stands for Developmental, Individual, and Relationship. The developmental framework used in the DIR model is called the FEDCs (Functional, Emotional, and Developmental Capacities). These capacities include regulation and attention, engagement, communication, problem solving, generating and using ideas, and reflective thinking. Sessions promote the development of skills within the capacities.

At the centre of DIR Floortime is the power of the relationship and enjoyment of connection between the child and practitioner. The “Floortime” refers to the application of the DIR framework into practice that utilizes this strength of  the relationship between child and practitioner while following the child’s lead and interests.

Following the child’s lead and interests helps to ensure the child is engaged, motivated to learn, and enjoying the experience. In addition, by attuning to the child’s unique individual differences and sensory profile, challenges are adjusted to be just at the right level; offering support where needed but also capitalizing on individual strengths.

Who can benefit from DIR Floortime?

Any child of any age can benefit from DIR Floortime. Sessions will help all children to

  • Improve happiness and wellbeing
  • Build resilience
  • Manage emotions and decrease meltdowns
  • Promote positive behaviours
  • Increase attention
  • Build confidence and self control
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop motor skills
  • Strengthen and develop relationships
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Generate new ideas and carry them out
  • Develop a sense of self
  • Promote reflective thinking

DIR Floortime is highly effective with children with specialized needs and include children with ASD, ADHD, communication delay, and developmental delays. DIR Floortime can be used alongside other interventions such as ABA.


Sessions ideally happen once a week. This can be adjusted to a more intensive programme based on the individual needs of the child at the time.

Sessions generally are held in the Play-therapy room and last for 45 minutes. Parents and caregivers are most welcome to join in as well and are encouraged to take part in the activities!

How can parents support their children at home?

DIR Floortime can actually happen anywhere, by anyone, and can easily be used by parents at home. It doesn’t need to be for long periods of time – 20 mins is enough.  And it doesn’t need to be on the floor! 

If needed, the practitioner can offer ideas, activities, and guidance to help support the parents and caregivers to recreate the DIR Floortime experience at home.

It is a great way for parents to connect, strengthen their relationship and have fun with their children while also supporting their social-emotional wellbeing and cognitive development.

DIR Floortime with Psynamo

We offer a highly tailored programme of DIR Floortime based on the individual needs and uniqueness of every child.

We provide a safe, exciting, and playful environment that supports meaningful interactions based on the individual strengths and interests of every child.

We focus on creating opportunities to explore and develop new skills and ideas, build resilience, and increase social emotional wellbeing and cognitive development.


Priya McPolin provides DIR Floortime sessions and support to families. Read more about Priya here.