First Aid in Homeopathy : Yulia Cherniakov

In our everyday life accidents happen all the time: at home, on the playground, on the road. Most of the time we cannot predict or prevent them, but we have to deal with their consequences. There is a huge range of trauma’s degree, starting with something minor, when we can still fully function and ending with being totally knocked off into the bed with a long period of rehabilitation.

Nearly always trauma will be accompanied by fear, shock and physical pain. Sometimes, even after many years after the accident our body carries the memory of what has happened.

There is great homeopathic remedy for these cases, called Arnica. It is prepared from the plant Arnica Montana, which grows on the mountain slopes of the Andes. The plant itself was used for hundreds of years in folk medicine in the cases of injuries. According to the stories, many terrible falls happened in those mountains, and people there were gathering Arnica, pouring boiling water on the plant, giving the infusion to drink to the injured men, with astonishing results.

Arnica is the king of traumatic stress remedies. Homeopaths use it in injuries of the muscles, fractures of the bones, haemorrhage due to mechanical injuries.

One of the most characteristic features of Arnica is intense sensitiveness due to excessive pain. The person is in constant dread of people approaching him, fearing that they may touch him. “I am am not sick; I do not need a doctor” – will say the person that may be seriously injured, but just tries to avoid any physical contact and check-up.

The patent feels sore, weak and bruised all over, as if beaten. His whole body aches and pains. It is because of this that he dislikes lying down; everything on which he lies seems hard and uncomfortable. He constantly keeps on changing from side to side and from bed to bed in search of a soft place. He can lie on one part only for a little while, and then he must get off that part to the other side.

As an example, Arnica will very often take all the soreness out of a sprained ankle and permit the person in a few days to go walking about, to the surprise of everybody. The black and blue appearance of sprained joints will go away in a surprisingly short time, the soreness will disappear, and he will be able to manipulate that joint with unexpected ease.

Arnica is not only a remedy for the ill – effects of injury but also for the effects of overexertion. We know in this highly competitive society, every person specialises in the use of some particular organ; a typist or pianist has to continuously use his fingers, a singer his vocal cords, a trumpeter his lungs, an athlete limbs, a proof reader his eyes and so on. Therefore all these person can have relief from taking remedy Arnica when they suffer due to the overexertion of particular limbs and organs.

What is important to stress, is that if you’ve broken your arm you would still have to go to the doctor to fix it. But taking Arnica will help you to reduce significantly the need in pain killers and speed the healing process.

By Yulia Cherniakov, Reiki Master and Homeopathic Practitioner