Psynamo Celebrates Brain Awareness Week 2016


The team at Psynamo support the amazing efforts of the Dana Foundation in the US each year during International Brain Awareness Week (BAW). This year BAW is being celebrated this week! All week long, all over the world, researchers, teachers, doctors and professionals in related fields are going out of their way to share news about the brain, how to keep it healthy, what new research reveals our brains and more.

Psynamo team member,  Scarlett Mattoli, has been supporting this important endeavour for nearly 17 years by organising events, talks, workshops, literature and more in the UK, US, Europe and for the last 11 years in Hong Kong. She gives regular brain chats to schools, parent groups, corporates and teachers to help everyone learn what the brain is made of what it does for us and how best to take care of it.

To learn more about events that might be happening in your home town in the world, check out the Dana website

Be sure to organise an event if you can or arrange one with Psynamo. Good brain health is important all year round, not just this week, and we are always delighted to share whenever we can.

Have a great week and take care of your brain!