Psynamo Celebrates: World Mental Health Day – Monday 10th October 2016

PsynamoBirdsPsynamo Celebrates World Mental Health Day: Monday 10th October, 2016

The Team at Psynamo have always held mental health in highest esteem and we have taken this as our Mission:

Psynamo is dedicated to the betterment of mental health and improved awareness of mental health issues for all, whenever possible.”

World Mental Health Day has been established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and is celebrated Monday 10th October this year.

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The Team at Psynamo spend all of our working hours looking after others and we love our jobs. Not everyone has this passion so close to their heart and we realise that. Being aware of your own good mental health and that of others is a great place to start however.

Be sure to remember to think about your own mental health, are you feeling a little stressed, a little low mood, a little angry or something else? We all do sometimes and checking in with someone is good mental hygiene, just the same as checking in with the dentist is good dental hygiene.

Our Project Mental Health is an effort to provide affordable professional support to those who may not otherwise have access to such services or may not even be aware that mental health could be of support to them.

Let us know of any special people who need support or if you yourself could use an ear to let something off your chest. We are here for you whenever you are ready.

We believe that remaining steadfast in our beliefs about supporting others who are in need is the only way to be.

“My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson, co-founding Director Scarlett Mattoli’s something odd great grandfather.