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Yvette Zhao

Yvette Zhao

BS Psychology
MA Clinical & Counselling Psychology
Candidate, Masters of Counselling

Supervised Placement Counsellor

Yvette holds a BS in Psychology (ECNU) and a Master’s in Clinical and Counselling Psychology (BNU). She finished her first two degrees in mainland China and is now studying for her second master’s degree in Youth Counselling (HKBU) in Hong Kong. She has served in different settings, including an online counselling platform, a secondary school and universities.

As a practitioner of the person-centred approach, Yvette is caring and authentic and always passionate about accompanying people going through their suffering. She believes that people always have the potential to overcome their challenges, and counsellors serve to help them figure out their needs and strengths.

Yvette enjoys working with teenagers and adults as she appreciates their vitality and thinking about life and the future. During her work experiences, she interacted with many teenagers and adults and was deeply touched by their life stories. She was able to build a deep trust with them, which made their work go very well.

Yvette consults in Mandarin.





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