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Maureen Yu

Masters of Commerce
BA Computing
Candidate Masters of Counselling

LifeWorks Supervised Placement Counsellor

Maureen developed profound understanding of adult stress and depression from her 18 years of professional experience in finance industry. She mentored junior staff who newly entered the workforce and struggled with anxiety and self-doubt. She also supported mature individuals facing life events such as betrayal, separation, and divorce. Maureen believed regardless of one’s profession, social status, age or race, the thing that matters the most to a person is his/her emotional well-being.

Driven by a burning desire to promote “emotional fitness” and to obtain skills to better help people in-need, Maureen is currently pursuing her second master’s degree major in Counselling from Monash University.

She thrives to provide a safe, warm, and non-judgmental environment for her clients. Depending on the exact issue identified during assessment, and with close clinical supervision from Dr. Mattoli on-site, Maureen adopts an evidence-based counselling approach such as CBT, ACT, and Narrative Therapy to assist her clients. Maureen counsels mostly adults. She also has an interest in area of adolescents’ social media/cyber addiction, as well as various personality disorders e.g., NPD.

Maureen started her career in investment banking in Singapore after obtaining her master’s in finance from UNSW Australia. She was relocated to Hong Kong and experienced firsthand the high-pressured working environment, physical fatigue, and complicated personal relationship struggles. Following 2008 financial crisis, Maureen decided to volunteer as an English teacher in Coquimbo, Chile which turned out to be the most rewarding experience. Maureen has then settled down back in Hong Kong until today. She has a loving blended family with a teenage stepchild.

Maureen consults in English and Mandarin. She understands Cantonese and can converse mixed with English.

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