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Brain Awareness Week 2020

The Dana Foundation for Brain Initiatives has been a long-standing non-profit organisation aimed at translating research from neuroscientific discoveries and into understandable and relateable real world use and benefit for everyone. Their worldwide initiative to get researchers to do this more often, Brain Awareness Week (BAW), commenced in 1995 and has grown exponentially every since. This year sees the 25th anniversary celebrated, albeit with more virtual exhibitions and presentations than ever.

This week we have had to cut out many of our smaller privately hosted events in schools, clubs, and in-house corporate sessions, but we’ve managed to keep our main public sharing’s available this week and delivered virtually. We have a host of apps and Tips Sheets we’ve prepared for originally planned events and will be uploading them throughout the week.

Monday 16th March (Mindful Monday)
12-1pm Lunchtime Learning: Guided Meditations for calm (Zoom)
6.30-7.30pm Mindful Eating: How to Gain a Foothold out of Compulsive Eating Patterns (EventBrite/Zoom + Tips Sheets update soon)

Tuesday 17th March (Happy St Patrick’s Day!)
All-day: Individual Reflective Sessions – Luck vs. Enactment (tips sheets being loaded soon, check out our Top Tips page)

Wednesday 18th March (Change and Progress)
6.30-7.30pm Creating Sustainable Goals: Putting the ‘S’ at the end of SMART goals. (EventBrite/Zoom + Tips Sheets)

Thursday 19th March (Social Isolation)
All-day: Group Connection (private events) + our own Team Meetings
(Tips Sheets, Apps, Group opportunities)

Friday 20th March (Nature)
All-day: Take a country park walk, stroll along the seashore – get yourself outdoors or plan to this weekend.

Saturday 21st March (Eating & Exercise)
All-day: commit to healthy food and energy management choices in life.

Sunday 22nd March (R&R)
All-day: Reflecting on the importance of balance in life and the critical aspects of switching off to seek rest & relaxation in order to restore your ability to be on when you need to be.

Team member, Dr Scarlett Mattoli at the Psynamo Group has been celebrating Brain Awareness Week (BAW) since 1997, starting out in the UK, and has continued every year whilst working and living around the world, along with thousands of other passionate professionals worldwide.

Mental Health is an important concept in a time where austere measures of isolation are becoming increasingly required and the temporary norm. In adapting our current programmes, we are also in the process of developing a host of new online learning opportunities, virtual programmes, individual and group eTherapy session availability, brain and mental health infographics for new research availability, expanding our collections of apps, GoodReads, and more.

Be sure to check back regularly and/or follow us on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for new releases as they come available.

We care about you and can help you to do the same…better mental health is on the way soon!