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Dr Betty Headley

Clinical Psychologist

BA Psychology (Hons),  PhD Psychology

Member: Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

Member College of Clinical Psychologists (Australian Psychological Society)

Member College of Health Psychologists (Australian Psychological Society)

Dr Headley (BA (Hons), PhD, MAPS) is a nationally registered, and endorsed Clinical Psychologist with 36 years experience in clinical and health psychology in Australia. She has a wide range of clinical and management experience in Health Services that spans 36 years. She has worked in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and community settings, in mental health, health & medical psychology and sports psychology in Private Practice, Government and Universities. She held the most senior clinical position in State Government for almost a decade. Dr Headley has over many years taught and trained and supervised post-graduate clinical psychologists at public and private Universities. For almost 10 years, Dr Headley worked as an Assistant Professor at a private university teaching Psychopathology: Children, adolescents and families; Psychopathology & Therapy: Adult Problems I, Psychopathology & Therapy: Adult Problems II; Health Psychology & Drug Treatments; Ethics & Professional Practice; and 4th year Community and Health Psychology and Clinical Psychology and 3rd year, Personality. Dr Headley was the Director of Post-Graduate Clinical Psychology Programs, and supervised clinically and post-graduate student research projects. She currently has a Private Practice on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Dr Headley completed a Ph.D. in the area of Clinical Neuropsychology and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists and the APS College of Health Psychologists. She developed expertise in working with complex mental health and serious health problems, and in the provision of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Behaviour Therapy, Hypnosis, Counselling, and IPT. She has worked with a wide variety of problems in children and adults, families and couples, including severe mental disorders, personality disorders, anxiety problems, injury, trauma, PTSD, and pain, couple distress and relationship problems and parenting. She worked as an accredited Triple P provider, and trainer and provided accreditation in Triple P programs.

Research interests included her PhD which investigated Cognitive sequelae following traumatic brain injury in children, as well as other projects such as Cognitive changes, quality of life and disease progression in men with Prostate Cancer following treatment; Effects of stress on the immune system; Screening and treating depression and anxiety in a cardiac treatment setting; The effects of a short midday nap on cognitive efficiency; Measuring outcomes of evidence based psychological interventions with clients with depression and anxiety and eating disorders; and Psychological distress and treatment compliance in diabetes and working with patients with Hep C and Pain.

We thank Dr. Headley for her very valuable time in consulting for our organisation.