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Apps: Mental Health

The number of apps available on the market for everything from CBT to mood tracking is on the rise and they are not all made equal. Here are some that our patients and clients have reported to be most helpful. Please keep in mind that these apps can be used as a helpful adjust to therapy but do not constitute a replacement for proper assessment and treatment nor do they constitute medical advice.

Don’t see one here that you really find useful? Write to our team on support@psynamo.com with your suggestions and we’ll have a go.

Wishing you good mental health!

General Mental Health Apps

What’s Up Uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) methods. Designed to help cope with depressive symptoms, anxiety, stress, and more. Tracks positive and negative habits to identify and support the good ones and target to break and replace those that are counterproductive. Tracks feelings, thought patterns, and learn to stop negative internal monologues.

Mood Kit Uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles and journaling to reflect and practice self-care by noting when they happen and how you overcame them.

Lantern combines CBT teaching and assessment of strengths and weaknesses to receive daily tailored exercises. (paid App)

Intellicare Hub suite of 12 apps designed to target symptoms of stress and anxiety by tracking worries, developing thought challenges, and coping statements.

Optimism group of smaller apps designed to track depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and PTSD by helping track mood, detect patterns, identify triggers, and create customisable coping mechanisms in order to deepen one’s ability and resolve to work with presenting issues.

Mindfulness, Meditation, & Breathing Apps

Headspace access to hundreds of meditations to utilise every day and in any situations where calming, stress-reducing meditations can be helpful (Paid App)

Calm  supports relief from anxiety and stress through guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programmes, and relaxing music. (Paid App)

Ten Percent Happier  library of 500+ guided meditations on topics ranging from anxiety, stress, parenting, sleep and also has videos, stories and more.

Simple Habit – helps to meditate throughout the day and has a range of options for brief meeting-ready meditations to after-work cycling-down ones. (Subscription Available)

Tide – ambient noise and timer to help stay focussed and avoid distractions with five meditation sounds.

Breath2Relax  helps to remember to breathe deeply and restoratively to you can focus on what is working well. Teaches diaphragmatic breathing to decrease the body’s flight or fight stress response.

Anxiety Apps

Mind Shift Teen and Young Adults with anxiety might benefit from this most. Stresses changing how to think about anxiety rather than avoiding it, encouraging you to take charge, face challenging situations, and ride out the wave of intense emotions that accompany these situations.

Self-Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) for those who don’t like meditation, this app prompts you to build your own all-day anxiety toolkit to track anxious thoughts and behaviours over time. This app also offers a cloud connection so adult users can reach out to on online community for support in confidentiality.

CBT Thought Record Helps to change emotions by identifying negative and distorted thinking patterns. Use to document negative emotions, analyse flaws in thinking, step back and re-evaluate what you want to think. Helps to gradually change your approach to anxiety-inducing situations and thought patterns in order to change future situations.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Apps

nOCD incorporates treatments of mindfulness and exposure response prevention treatment and pushes immediate clnically-supported guidance when OCD episodes strike. Has weekly tests to assess the severity of OCD and receive motivational support along the way.

Worry Watch supports compulsions and dealing with intense anxiety to help users identify trigger points for anxiety, track feeling trends, reflect on which outcomes were harmless, and help to redirect thinking patterns in the future.

GG OCD  supports improvement in OCD symptoms by increasing awareness of negative thoughts and trains the brain to push them aside to make space for a more positive outlook. You can progress through different levels via games. Aims to replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts, belief in change, and build self-esteem.

Depression Apps

Talkspace Online Therapy text messaging with a trained professional for counselling support (Paid App).

Happify  Mood-training programme with games, activity suggestions, gratitude prompts to overcome negative thoughts.

MoodTools supports clinical depression through provision of videos that can help improve mood and behaviour, allows logging and analysis of thoughts through CBT principles.

BiPolar Disorder Apps

IMood Journal Personal Journal and Mood tracker to record mood, symptoms, sleep, medications, and energy cycles. Anaylse what you track through summary charts so you can identify where stress levels go up and down in an effort to better manage them.

eMoods tracking app for biplar disorder to track depressive and psychotic symptoms, elevated mood and irritability, so severity and changes over time emerge in trand patterns.


PTSD Coach  offers self-assessment, support opportunities, positive self-talk, and anger management. You can customise tools based on your needs and preferences and then integrate your own contacts, photos, and more into the app as positive supports.

Eating Disorder Apps

Recovery Record  helps in recovery by supporting the development of a more positive body image. Keeps track of meals eaten, how they make you feel, and tracking of progress over time through questionnaires.

Rise Up and Recover track meals, how you feel when you eat them and transcribe results into PDF format to share.,

Lifesum broad healthy living resource to set personal goals such as healthier eating habits, exercise goals such as walking more. Develops a personal roadmap to health plus regular reminders to drink regularly and eat throughout the day

Schizophrenia Apps

UCSF PRIME prone to social isolation, schizophrenics who use the PRIME approach can connect to peers through a social network style interface as well as tracking self-directed goals for improvement.

Addiction Apps

Twenty-Four Hours a Day Based on the best selling book, this app provides 366 meditations for people in recovery to focus on sobriety at any time. (Hazelden: fee based app)

Quit That! Keep track of whatever you’ve quit in order to remind yourself of how many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years it has been since letting go.

recoveryBox – uses red, yellow, green light system to be accountable to yourself for tracking self-identified behaviours and making sustainable change.

Pacifica – addiction additional support for depression, anxiety with mood tracker, guided meditations, and CBT principles to help overcome negative and distorted thinking patterns.

Pear reset – approved by FDA in the USA to help treat substance use disorders through a 12-week programme of weekly check-ins, guiding users through lessons and quizzes. A prescription from a physician is needed for this and may not be accessible outside the USA.

Momo-Sobriety Clocks – tool for supporting through recovery with a clock function to support emotional turning points and gives users the choice to share fear, joy, shame and encouragement. Creates a sobriety clock and can be shared with others. Also has a distraction feature.

SoberTool – calculates estimated savings from staying sober, works though triggers, helps to avoid relapse, and gives questions and messages when the feeling of relapse arises.

WEconnect – daily reminders to stay on track with a recovery plan and works with the 12-step programmes.

AA Big Book Free (AA) – gives access to the full text of the Big Book. Mark meaningful passages. Track progress through a sobriety calendar.

SMART Recovery Cost Benefit Analysis – assess consequences of potential actions and use the strategies to recover from addiction and addictive behaviours. 100’s easy-to-follow guided meditations, music prayers, 12-step recovery audio and has a meditation timer, daily inspiration and ability to create your own meditation playlist. (Partially Paid App)

rTribe – Quit Porn/Drug/Food Addiction – create an anonymous profile and connect with others, track your recovery, and gain access to helpful information.

Sex Addiction Apps

12 Steps Sex Addicts Anoymous (SAAT) Recovery tool for members of Sex Addicts Anonymous

Brainbuddy: Quit Porn Forever – helps to rewire your brain with tailored exercises to rewire the porn pathways.

End Porn Addiction & Sex Compulsions – audio courses, workshops, podcasts to help quit addictions and compulsive masturbation.

Porn Addiction Calendar – countdown to stopping porn, offers motivational messages, reasons to quit, and movement through badges according to length of time not used.

No Bate Calendar – provides inspirational messages and a calendar to track stopping.

Overcome Porn: 40 Day Challenge – 40 day programme to help break free from the temptations of pornography. Religious teachings.

Sex Addiction Calendar – countdown calendar to motivate to quit and celebrate when you get there.

X3church.com – Christian non-profit organisation to help those struggling with pornography through raising awareness, prevention, recovery, and accountability.