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Since 1995 Dr Scarlett Mattoli has sought to coalesce professional groups of practitioners in the UK, US, Europe, and in Asia since early 2005. The Psynamo network and team began to formally provide support services in 2007 in Hong Kong and have been humbly serving the community here ever since. We continue to work to provide professional care through internationally trained and qualified practitioners who maintain ethically bound professional memberships, supervision, continuing professional development, and a connection with each other and the community through regular volunteering of our time and expertise.

Our Vision: “To engage each person in their future with sensitive, confidential and professional therapeutic care.”

Our Mission: “The Psynamo Group are dedicated to the betterment of mental health and improved awareness of mental health issues for all, whenever possible.”

We offer a full range of services on a sliding fee scale to support everyone in our community. Our confidential and professionally experienced and qualified team work together to support you in addressing a broad range of queries including child, adolescent, adult, educational and corporate support, whether we are performing assessments in-house, doing corporate parenting seminars, counselling for low self-esteem, depression or anxiety or coaching to harmonise 3rd culture children and 21st century parenting.

We offer a multidisciplinary approach in our therapeutic, consultancy and advisory work for both everyday and challenging circumstances and we always work for an inclusive system for our modern multicultural society. We are an integrated team of appropriately trained, qualified, accredited and caring practitioners and ethically bound by our professional bodies and boards in order to maintain the highest levels of professionalism through ongoing training, research, supervision and peer consultation.

We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be supported to flourish the way they can. We utilise a wide range of therapeutic modalities from a range of disciplines and work in tandem to assist each individual, whole family systems, work or school environment and even the wider constellation of individuals with whom you and yours may come into regular contact.

We seek to maintain our own levels of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and provide CPD opportunities by bringing international expertise to offer relevant talks, workshops, certification and research opportunties in Hong Kong and Asia and remain abreast of regional changes in practices and trends in research from around the world. We also work with a network of other local and international mental and allied health professionals

We believe that each individual can benefit from improved self-awareness and well-being. We work together to achieve this with each individual client in a variety of ways, unique to each person, situation and moment in time.

We empower Individuals, Families and Organisations in Hong Kong and Internationally to flourish today and in the future.

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