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 Diana Orlando| Supervised Counselling Placement | Theraplay® Informed Practitioner

Candidate: Masters of Counselling (Monash, Australia), GDip Psychology (UK), MSc IT in Education (HK), Montessori Early Childhood Teaching Diploma (UK) 

 Graduate Member: British Psychological Society


Diana is a placement counsellor with training in Maternal Mental Health (Postpartum Support International), the 'Becoming Us' transitions to parenthood programme, and 'Theraplay®' parent-child therapy. A mother herself, she has an international and multicultural background, and has worked with children and families for over 20 years. The wellbeing of parents and families is her passion.

Diana uses a person-centred approach, meaning she believes in each human being's natural capacity to develop and flourish when supported in the right way by the therapist, rather than the therapist knowing what is 'best' for the client. She also integrates other approaches when appropriate for the individual client, drawing on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Narrative Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) among others.

With degrees in psychology and education, she has previously worked as an Early Childhood teacher and curriculum developer, in a whole-family parenting and well-being programme, in an autism treatment programme, and as a counsellor for 11-18 year-old students at a secondary school. She believes the counsellor should focus first and foremost on the client's right to feel heard, understood and respected in session, and that all psychological growth in therapy starts from there.

Diana provides counselling in English.

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Areas of Focus

Individual counselling for adults and teens

I provide counselling for a variety of issues for adults and teens.

Counselling for Women who are Mothers

Are you a loving mama who feels overwhelmed? Do you feel disoriented and like you have lost a sense of who you are or what brings joy in life? Do you sometimes feel disconnected from yourself or those you love? Do you wish you feel more joy and connection?

Counselling can help you to rediscover what matters to you as a person and mother, and to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family with enjoyment and meaning.

I provide non-judgmental, supportive counselling that supports you in discovering for yourself where your strengths lie and how you can live a more fulfilling life as a mother, partner and human being. I believe in an unconditional "holding space" that respects you as a whole person and allows you to heal, grow and flourish.

Counselling for Mothers-to-be (Expecting or Planning to Expect)

Are you expecting or planning for a baby, and do you feel you want to get your ducks in a row before baby arrives? Are you having some difficult thoughts and feelings that you would like to process so that you (and your partner) can be prepared for life with a baby (or additional baby)? Prenatal counselling allows you to talk through your concerns, hopes and priorities in a safe, supportive space, and can help you to feel stronger, calmer and more prepared for this momentous change in your life. (When helpful for the client, we may draw on the "Becoming Us Transitions to Parenthood" approach).

Theraplay®-Informed Parent-Child Therapy

I also provide Theraplay®-Informed parent-child sessions. These sessions consist of fun, playful parent-child games and activities that strengthen the parent-child relationship, helping the parent to regulate the child's behaviour, and the child to grow in confidence, security, and the ability to regulate their behaviour. This is an evidence-based approach, conducted entirely through fun play sessions. Some of the reasons you might come to Theraplay®-Informed sessions with your child are:

  • Adapting to change, such as moving school/house/country
  • Adapting to divorce/change in living arrangements/parent's absence
  • Issues with bonding
  • Shy, withdrawn, or clingy behaviour
  • Acting-out, angry, or disruptive behaviour
  • Defiant, oppositional or controlling behaviour
  • Behavioural problems at school or with peers
  • Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Adapting after adoption
  • Adapting after medical care or serious illness

Read more about Theraplay® here:

Theraplay® is for children aged 0-18 (infants to teens).

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