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Supervision - what is it for?

Professionals from many walks of life have learned over time that in order to be the best, one must learn from at least the pretty good. Ideally we have all come through any post graduate studies with extra support and guidance on academic issues that may have included a tutor, academic supervisor and even a mentor if you are lucky, although the latter is more often an industry based extra bonus.

Supervision in professional practice however, is something different and more substantial than just getting support to pass a course with high marks or ensure your dissertation is as tidy as possible.

Supervision for a professional practitioner is for growing beyond the basics and is something one cannot really do without and here are a few reasons why.

1. It is required by a growing number of professional membership organisations. As a part of maintaining membership in helping professions societies and in other fields, a certain number of hours are required to be demonstrated every year with a qualified supervisor.

2. Reflective practice is the true mark of a professional whether in banking, baking or candle-stick making. Being able to set aside time and reflect on the work you have done, the interactions you have had, the growth you have achieved as well as the lessons learned, is a common feature of the top professionals world-wide, regardless of industry. Supervision provides the crucible for this reflection in a supportive and empathic manner that one cannot achieve on with a boss, collague, partner, best mate oe even on one's own.

3. Learning from your own lessons can help to make money and can also fend off losses due to poor strategies, being unaware of one's weaker areas and just not taking advantage enough of one's strengths. Supervision gives this learning space credence and confirmation with another, non-jugmental, professional and the money spent on supervision can often lead to gains and stemmed losses in the long-run. Money well spent really.

4. Release! Yes, Supervision provides a freedom that no other space provides as you are always held in positive regard and there is no judgement. This is not a mentoring relationship or a teaching space - it is pure and simple, the space where you can let go of your ideas and explore your professional horizon with complete openess. It is best that way.

5. Last but not least, you will grow. There are no two ways about it. When you take the time to invest in yourself, your future and your professional being, you are growing, maturing and turning into the true professional your deserve to be. After all, you spent all that time studying to get where you are, would you really throw it all away by getting stuck in that time? How awful, to remain at your post undergrad self forever - move with the times and become your best you can be.

Try some Supervision today!