Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

  • Professional services with Psynamo include Developmental Screenings to support parents' and educators' enquiries into any child's current levels of developmental functioning with regards to typical behavioural, social-emotional, adaptive and cognitive milestones from the first year upwards.

    Our specially selected standardised and well-researched screeening instruments are supported by an integrated team of experienced professionals who seek to provide the optimal support for reaching current and future milestones for every child, in every family and in every learning opportunity.

    Our personalised developmental screening assessment services are ideal as a way to learn more about where children can be provided with opportunities for growth in preparation for their first formal academic experiences in primary school and also can highlight if further clinical investigation with members of our team might be helpful. Our assessments range from cognitive all the way through to dyslexia queries and beyond.

    We offer carry-on support in preparing children for interviews, daily living skills, self-care issues, behavioural issues, communication diffiulties, social-emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, parent adjustment to household changes and even transitioning issues that can arise at any age and much, much more.

    Call or write today to learn more about our individualised developmental screening assessments or children's group support courses.

  • Primary Years

    We offer one to one support and group therapy, training and courses to help students aged from 6 to 11 years old to gain confidence in speaking in class, in public or with speech and language difficulties.

    Supporting communications at an early age can support self-esteem and ensure children are better able to express their needs and desires, helping to avoid family discord and miscommunications.


    Communications Courses

    Our Communications Courses are designed to bring out the best in you and effectively share it with others from Blackboard to Board Room.

    Psynamo offers a range of communications training opportunities designed for Individuals, Families and Students to enhance natural abilities and impart new skills such as;

          • initiation
          • perception
          • receptive and productive language skills
          • productive and receptive pragmatics/ body language
          • message content
          • message interpretation
          • arousal awareness
          • emotional control
          • effective management of Gordon's 'roadblocks to communication'
          • effective management of Gordon's 'I-messages'
          • tackling 'difficult conversations'

    We offer these in-house and by request. If you would like to know more about this training or any other service we offer please call or write today for a free initial consultation and quotation.

  • Secondary Years

    We offer one to one and group therapy, training and courses to help students aged from 12 to 18 years old to gain confidence in speaking in class, in public or with speech and language difficulties.

    Supporting communications at any age can support self-esteem and ensure teens are better able to express their needs and desires, helping to avoid family discord and miscommunications.



    FRIENDS For Life (8-11 years old)


     The FRIENDS For Life Programme br Dr Paula Barrett is a ground breaking curriculum from Australia for children from 8 to 11 years of age that helps children, their families and especialy the schools to learn about and develop the all-important life skill of resilience that comes through social emotional learning.

    Through a range of gaes, arts, reading and play, children are exposed to all the skills they will need to be a friend to others as well as calm themselves, recognise emotions in themselves and others, make positive invitations to play, do better at schol and work well in teams on projects.

    This course is carried out over ten weekly sessions and includes all materials, course books, relevant parent literature and support as well as two 'check-back' sessions to ensure students are incorporating the ideas and support into their everyday lives and developmental challenges.






  • Mindfulness for Children                                    

    minimindfuls © is our fun six (6) week inspiring after-school programme designed for children to raise awareness of stressors in life and give them the skills to manage themselves.

    In this course children will explore slowing down and finding calm through the use of their senses. Each class explores a different sense through a unique set of activities. Children can learn to calm their bodies and their minds. They will extend their abilities to concentrate and focus generally as well as specifically in the classroom.

    We use traditional mindfulness techniques from Jon Kabatt-Zinn and more recent Mind-Up programme research, powerful models from modern neuroscience and a healthy dose of fun to bring this course to life for children once they have finished a long day at school.

    The programme is also designed to help children improve their own awareness of stressors in life as well as togive them some skills to manage themselves.

    We offer two sessions each term. Please see the details of times and days on our Seasonal course pages.



     See Seasonal Pages  After school      All year round    7-11  HK$ 3500





     Mindfulness for Teens - "Taming the Adolescent Mind" from Dr Lucy Tan

    Taming the Adolescent Mind from Dr Lucy Tan is a thought provoking course to hep teens identify the unique stressors in their life carried out over six weeks in the late afternoons.

    Through a range of activities your teen will be challenged to view themselves in a different light and recognise their own strengths.

    We use these strengths to go throug the ROAM curriculum and encourage them to develop their own sense of calm and strategies for what to do when hormones may take over.

    Your teen will gain a new skillset that can make all the difference between stressful dating, homework or exam situatins and make you wonder how they are so cool about everything.

     See Seasonal Pages   late afternoons  All year round   13-18   HK$3500

    Mindfulness for Adults


    This six (6) week evening course for adults will also raise awareness of stressors in life. We will also look at what modern neuroscience says about what we can do to ameliorate the sometimes debilitating effects these can have on our minds, bodies, families and work-life. Classes are held in the evenings year-round.


      See Seasonal Pages Evenings          All year round  18+  HK$ 3500


    Classes are facilitated by a number of members of staff and overseen by Fully Qualified and Accredited Coaching Psychologist Scarlett Mattoli BA Psych (Hons), PGC, PGD, MSc Psych, MSc Coaching Psych (Merit), MA Counselling (HD), PsyD (Candidate)

    Do let us know if you are interested but cannot make these days. We would be delighted to start another group opportunity where we can reach our minimum number of six (6) participants.

  • Social Emotional Superstars

    Social Emotional Superstars is an exciting class that helps children increase their social-emotional and communication skills with age appropriate peers. This course is designed to support and extend the natural learning process of children's developing social and emotional skills and instill confidence n themselves.

    This six (6) week after-school programme combines elements of the "Social Thinking" programme by Michelle Garcia Winner, recent relevant research and well established evidence-based practices to work with children to increase skills and confidence with age appropriate peers.

    Our children have more information and opportunity available to them than ever before, which can mask maturity levels in some. This course can help to bring them up to speed and use each other as role models.

    This course is designed to support and extend the natural learning process of children's developing social and emotional skills.


     Weekdays  After School See Seasonal Pages  6-8 and 9-11  HK$ 3500


  • Our children have more information and opportunity available to them than ever before. Parents and educators can often provide more support as well with general developmental theory being more widely shared, understood and enacted in ways that were not available half a century ago.

    In an effort to give our children the edge and ensure their academic success, we often prepare them for experiences before they present themselves, which can often help to allay fears of the unknown and anxiety in children.

    In an effort to do this parents and educators alike, often offer children many opportunities to practice for they first real academic experiences in primary education and do so with great success. Other times, children need specific and targeted support in order to arrive at their best.

    We offer a range of assessments and interventions aimed at supporting  both ends of that spectrum by helping children and their parents prepare for kindergarten and primary school whether it be with extra boosting or in care for a genuine developmental need.

    Standardised assessments help to arrive at a targeted goal and help to move your child most efficiently down the track towards any goals set, ready to take on the world, or at least their first year.

    Many kindergartens incorporate this preparatory element into their curriculum but some do not.

     For those parents who would like to ensure their child is ready for their first schooling experience we offer assistance in the core areas of social, emotional, cognitive and behavioural development checks and strategies.


    Call or write today to learn more about how we may support your family. Alternatively, please complete the inquiry form on our contact us page.


The team at Psynamo work with children and adolescents from age 2 to 18 with a range of modalities and for a broad variety of queries.

Below of a list of typical queries and issues we work with:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • moodiness
  • bullying
  • anger managent
  • OCD
  • SpLD's
  • general academic issues
  • learning differences
  • addictions
  • developmental differences
  • preparation for schooling
  • feeding issues
  • toileting issues
  • sleeping issues
  • behaviour management
  • assessments
  • courses for skill development
  • coaching for academics

While this list is not exhaustive, it can give you an idea of the range of issues that can come up in a developing human being and hopefully give you peace of mind that we are here to help.

Call or write to find out more about our services of our therapists or to just make an appointment now.