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Julia Minsberg, Clinical Psychologist  
MA Clinical Psychology, BA Psychology  
Membership: APA, Division 12 – Society of Clinical Psychology  
Julia was born in France, grew up in Israel and Hong Kong, and attended universities in Canada, France, and USA. As a Third-Culture person she experienced relocation and adapting to new countries and cultures first-hand, which developed her awareness and knowledge of multicultural issues. 
Julia has been working as psychologist in a range of environments (including private and school settings). Her clients (children, adolescents and adults) are of varying cultural backgrounds, presenting with a diverse range of difficulties and conditions  
Using CBT, mindfulness and positive psychology as her main psychological techniques, Julia adapts sessions to each client’s individual needs and personality. Amongst other, Julia has helped individuals experiencing: depression, anxiety, and problems with adjustment, self-esteem, bullying, self-harm, procrastination, body image, study-skills, time management, grief, inter-racial adoption, addiction.  
In summer 2016 Julia did an immersion training at Lanna Rehab – an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand – where she practiced the therapeutic methods: CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, 12 Steps study, SWOT, relapse prevention, NA/AA meetings. Additionally Julia participated in the clients’ daily routine, including: morning opening and evening closure meetings, group sessions, meals, mindfulness, physical therapy, yoga, excursions.  
Julia’s prior experience also includes * implementing and conducting psycho-educational, social and emotional programs, for children and adolescents with learning disabilities * research in the areas of: immigration and identities (at AUP, France) and Autism (at HKBU, Hong Kong).  




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