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Cross-cultural Training and Coaching and You ...

What is Cross-Cultural training and coaching?

Cross-Cultural training and coaching is designed to support the cooperation between individuals in culturally diverse environments and is an applied science. It makes use of well researched tools about concepts of cultural standards and methods to create awareness and also support decisions to actively choose which well-established actions to carry on and which new ways to adapt. Our Cross-cultural trainers are able to help individuals and teams assess their cultural dimensions, create common default behavior and support them in creating new and common standards.

Why do Cross-Cultural training and coaching?

Cross-cultural training and coaching is designed to help you develop and exercise your ‘cultural muscles’. The Training will help you to develop;

  • Competence to overcome confusion in transition
  • Clarity about outer and inner change
  • Plausibility through interpreting the world from new 
perspectives, knowing about different cultural standards and rehearsing new ways to respond Insights about their inner source of energy
  • Vision, playfully expanding the possibilities for actions in their lives.

The Coaching helps to ensure that you can use it today and take the principles and apply them in the future as well.

How does Cross-Cultural training and coaching work?

Training and coaching services are carried out in our practice, at home or in your offices work through sequential stages of knowledge gathering and development. Training session can be one or two ours in length and are carried out for individuals, teams of all sizes and children from the age of nine. Training goals can be as broad as general cultural awareness or as narrowly focused as country specific training (ie Hong Kong, China and Europe).

The training is about sharing knowledge, creating awareness and giving opportunities to learn through activities. This training accompanies individuals and teams on their journey to a new place during the first months up to a year.

The coaching is about the application of this new knowledge and focuses on a forward-looking process aimed to create action towards change, often at the individual level. It works in small steps to accomplish robust, sustainable development.

Coaching is focused on an individual or a group’s development, usually in specific cultural situations with specific participants. The intent is to learn what grounds us, what connects us, what motivates us and what refreshes us on the way as well as to find out what is needed for a happy landing. The time and practice spent in cross-cultural training and coaching supports the developmental process involved in learning about the cultural standards or rules in a new place that eventually allows us to interpret the actions of real people in real situations in this way or, going even further, to applying them as our default daily behavior. This means that you and your team will be able to discover the consequences of a certain cultural standard, to evaluate it in a specific context and decide, whether to apply it by adjusting behaviour now or to go the more demanding route of asking others to adjust to a new way of behaving.

What do we offer?

We offer comprehensive training packages designed to suit your specific needs and situation whether relocating to Hong Kong, China or Japan or on to or back to European countries. We also offer bespoke training programmes for more unique situations as a part of the coaching the process, which is by nature a co-creative.

Individual and Family Services

We support individuals, couples and families with a range of options whether you are in working through acculturation in global transitioning, come from culturally diverse backgrounds, are a trailing spouse in need of a new outlook in your new home or simply establishing new networks or developing a new career path on the go.

Corporate Services

We support corporate endeavours to encourage local yet diverse or completely new teams as well as brand new recruits to create new work cultures and to raise awareness of actual cultural differences versus seeming personality variances. Our training and coaching helps to set standards for acceptable behaviour on a team and to support the development of common language and understanding to improve the company’s results.

Cross-Cultural Training and Coaching with Psynamo

We offer discrete, professional, empathic and confidential cross-cultural training and coaching services across the lifespan. We work to ensure top ethical standards are in play with all of our team of coaches as well as a non-judgmental stance.

Call today if you would like to learn more or make an appointment just to speak with someone. Your enquiries will always be held in the strictest of confidence.