Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

Professional services with Psynamo include Developmental Screenings to support parents' and educators' enquiries into any child's current levels of developmental functioning with regards to typical behavioural, social-emotional, adaptive and cognitive milestones from the first year upwards.

Our specially selected standardised and well-researched screeening instruments are supported by an integrated team of experienced professionals who seek to provide the optimal support for reaching current and future milestones for every child, in every family and in every learning opportunity.

Our personalised developmental screening assessment services are ideal as a way to learn more about where children can be provided with opportunities for growth in preparation for their first formal academic experiences in primary school and also can highlight if further clinical investigation with members of our team might be helpful. Our assessments range from cognitive all the way through to dyslexia queries and beyond.

We offer carry-on support in preparing children for interviews, daily living skills, self-care issues, behavioural issues, communication diffiulties, social-emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, parent adjustment to household changes and even transitioning issues that can arise at any age and much, much more.

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