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    Summer Camps and Courses with Psynamo                         


    The Psynamo Group have a range of learning opportunities, from evidence-based programmes to bespoke and developed in-house courses, trainings and workshops, offered year-round. We provide learning in many areas of human development and well-being for every age group and appropriate for all audiences.

    Our standard courses during the year typically run from August to June and are often carried out over six-weekly sessions. Our week-long summer fun camps provide fun learning opportunities for everyone and can help to support multiple areas of child development.

    See our course descriptions below for more information and click on this REGISTRATION FORM link for a PDF form to sign up today.


    Sandtray Stories© 8-12 years old | HK$3200

    Monday to Friday, 09.30-11.30 | July 9-12 or July 23-27 Discovering our imagination through the modality of play is as natural as breathing for children. Some have difficulties expressing themselves or with the formal academic process of written communications. Working out stories through play can be an easy way to kick-start the little pre-literary minds while having fun at the same time. Helping children learn to tell their stories and express themselves empowers them for school and for their future. We will develop a full story over the course of the week and save it in a book to take home.

    Beading Buddies™ (by kikissimo!) 8-12 years old | HK$4300

    Monday to Friday, 14.00-16.00 | July 9-12 or July 23-27 → Creating wearable works of art is a real treat for girls and boys alike. In this week-long summer camp your little ones will be able to learn some basic beading, knotting and jewelry-making skills as well as create three bracelets they can take home and treasure. Important skills they will have the opportunity develop and hone include hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills improvement, planning, organisation, sequencing and attention/focus. Let your children develop these important executive function skills needed for school in a fun and creative way. In just a week they will have three new little treasures to wear and won’t even be aware of how much learning they were doing.

    Social-Emotional Superstars™ 7-10 years old | HK$3200

    Monday to Friday, 09.30-11.30 | July 16-20 or July 30-August 3 → Navigating relationships in school and life can be tough when we are young and sometimes we need to a boost to support this naturally developing process. This course is designed to support children’s emotional development and communication skills through fun games and exciting activities. By the end of the week your child(ren) will have some great new action plans for making connections with their peers and some polished up confidence in time for the start of the new school year.

    minimindfuls8-12 years old HK$3200.

    Monday to Friday, 14.00-16.00 | July 16-20 or July 30-August 3 → This is our fun-filled camp that explores slowing down and finding calm through the use of all of our senses. Each day explores a different sense through a unique set of activities. Children will learn to calm their bodies and their minds, extending their abilities to concentrate and focus. Traditional mindfulness techniques and some powerful but fun neuroscience in a child-friendly manner. Children will have the opportunity to develop a sense of their own stressors in life and expand their toolkit for managing these. This is a great way to prepare for a new school year and our regular six-week course during term time in order to expand their knowledge and skill-set. Children will be exposed to natural items to touch, smell and taste during this course, please advise of any allergies or intolerances in advance.

    MannersMatters© 9-14 years old | HK$5400

    Monday to Friday, 12.00-13.30 | July 16-20 or July 30-August 3 → This summertime lunch camp will set your children up for any formal event in just one week. Over the course of five lunchtimes, your children will learn the art of table setting, appropriate serving, accurate etiquette when seated at the table and when we need to excuse ourselves, the delicate balance of conversation during a meal and round it all off with thoughtful table clearing. Yes, there is an appropriate way to do that too! Have your child join in on some simple but informative lunches that will set them up with the knowledge needed to sail through any Western table setting with aplomb, whether in Europe, the UK or the USA.

    Little School House Prep’s ™ 7-17 years old | HK$4500

    Monday to Friday, 7-11y 09.30-12.30; 12-17y 14.00-17.00 August 6-10 or August 13-17 → Children need down time as much as they need to learn. Summertime is often seen as a chance to switch gears and switch off. Some research has supported the notion that maintaining a certain level of cognitive activity can be more helpful than shutting down learning completely. Our STEAM based academic kick-start programmes are designed to ease little brains back into the routines and oil the machinery in time for school to start. Younger children (7-11) can enjoy reading, writing, maths, arts and science in a playful mode. Teens (12-17) can benefit from classes that teach organisation, planning, study skills, time management and stress management techniques.




  • Mindfulness Lite – simple ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life

    Mindfulness seems to be the latest buzz word. The latest trend. But what is mindfulness really? Is it spending hours meditating or taking out 2 weeks of your life to live in the caves up in the Himalayas?

    Mindfulness is a state of awareness and being. Mindfulness is almost a lifestyle in which one focuses on being more connected to the present moment non-judgmentally with an open mind and accepts one’s thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations just as they are. Mindfulness is not about trying to achieve happiness or wellbeing. But what happens is that once we stop fighting with and resisting the present moment, studies have found that improved wellbeing, reduced stress, better sleep, increased focus at work, feeling more calm, higher levels of resilience and emotional regulation, and even improved relationships seem to be a by-product of practicing mindfulness.

    One of the biggest challenges for people when trying to practice mindfulness seems to be fitting it into our busy lives. This course explores and teaches ways to bring mindfulness into your daily lives. Each session we will learn formal (breathing meditation, etc.) as well as informal practices (e.g. mindful eating, walking, etc.) of mindfulness. Through integrating mindfulness into your existing routine, we hope to create a daily practice of bringing some calm into your life.


    Course Dates: The Mindfulness Lite! programme* is provided over six (6) sessions on a range of days and times as below.

    • Monday mornings 9th July to 13th August from 7.30am to 9am
    • Tuesday evenings 3rd July to 7th August from 6.30pm to 8pm
    • Wednesday lunchtime 4th July to 8th August from 12.00pm to 1.30pm
    • Thursday evenings 5th July to 9th August from 6.30pm to 8pm

    Course Coordinator: Classes are led by Bharati Moriani, a Supervised Placement Counsellor with the Psynamo Group who has been trained in, developed and run workshops for Basics in Mindfulness.

    $2500 Early bird price for registration prior to 25th June

    $2800 Registration after 25th June

    $2200 Special rate for Psynamo Group existing clients

    Location: Classes will be held at the OpenMind space, 1302 Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong.

    Registration: Complete this Registration Form and email to and we'll sign you up straight away!

    Special Notes: *The course involves a mindful eating practice, please advise if you have any allergies or intolerances.

  • Mindfulness for Children                                    

    minimindfuls © is our fun six (6) week inspiring after-school programme designed for children to raise awareness of stressors in life and give them the skills to manage themselves.

    In this course children will explore slowing down and finding calm through the use of their senses. Each class explores a different sense through a unique set of activities. Children can learn to calm their bodies and their minds. They will extend their abilities to concentrate and focus generally as well as specifically in the classroom.

    We use traditional mindfulness techniques from Jon Kabatt-Zinn and more recent Mind-Up programme research, powerful models from modern neuroscience and a healthy dose of fun to bring this course to life for children once they have finished a long day at school.

    The programme is also designed to help children improve their own awareness of stressors in life as well as togive them some skills to manage themselves.

    We offer two sessions each term. Please see the details of times and days on our Seasonal course pages.


     Mindfulness for Teens - "Taming the Adolescent Mind" from Dr Lucy Tan

    Taming the Adolescent Mind from Dr Lucy Tan is a thought provoking course to hep teens identify the unique stressors in their life carried out over six weeks in the late afternoons.

    Through a range of activities your teen will be challenged to view themselves in a different light and recognise their own strengths.

    We use these strengths to go throug the ROAM curriculum and encourage them to develop their own sense of calm and strategies for what to do when hormones may take over.

    Your teen will gain a new skillset that can make all the difference between stressful dating, homework or exam situatins and make you wonder how they are so cool about everything.

  • Social Emotional Superstars

    Social Emotional Superstars is an exciting class that helps children increase their social-emotional and communication skills with age appropriate peers. This course is designed to support and extend the natural learning process of children's developing social and emotional skills and instill confidence n themselves.

    This six (6) week after-school programme combines elements of the "Social Thinking" programme by Michelle Garcia Winner, recent relevant research and well established evidence-based practices to work with children to increase skills and confidence with age appropriate peers.

    Our children have more information and opportunity available to them than ever before, which can mask maturity levels in some. This course can help to bring them up to speed and use each other as role models.

    This course is designed to support and extend the natural learning process of children's developing social and emotional skills.

  •  The FRIENDS For Life Programme br Dr Paula Barrett is a ground breaking curriculum from Australia for children from 8 to 11 years of age that helps children, their families and especialy the schools to learn about and develop the all-important life skill of resilience that comes through social emotional learning.

    Through a range of gaes, arts, reading and play, children are exposed to all the skills they will need to be a friend to others as well as calm themselves, recognise emotions in themselves and others, make positive invitations to play, do better at schol and work well in teams on projects.

    This course is carried out over ten weekly sessions and includes all materials, course books, relevant parent literature and support as well as two 'check-back' sessions to ensure students are incorporating the ideas and support into their everyday lives and developmental challenges.