Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

Mindfulness for Children                                    

minimindfuls © is our fun six (6) week inspiring after-school programme designed for children to raise awareness of stressors in life and give them the skills to manage themselves.

In this course children will explore slowing down and finding calm through the use of their senses. Each class explores a different sense through a unique set of activities. Children can learn to calm their bodies and their minds. They will extend their abilities to concentrate and focus generally as well as specifically in the classroom.

We use traditional mindfulness techniques from Jon Kabatt-Zinn and more recent Mind-Up programme research, powerful models from modern neuroscience and a healthy dose of fun to bring this course to life for children once they have finished a long day at school.

The programme is also designed to help children improve their own awareness of stressors in life as well as togive them some skills to manage themselves.

We offer two sessions each term. Please see the details of times and days on our Seasonal course pages.



 See Seasonal Pages  After school      All year round    7-11  HK$ 3500





 Mindfulness for Teens - "Taming the Adolescent Mind" from Dr Lucy Tan

Taming the Adolescent Mind from Dr Lucy Tan is a thought provoking course to hep teens identify the unique stressors in their life carried out over six weeks in the late afternoons.

Through a range of activities your teen will be challenged to view themselves in a different light and recognise their own strengths.

We use these strengths to go throug the ROAM curriculum and encourage them to develop their own sense of calm and strategies for what to do when hormones may take over.

Your teen will gain a new skillset that can make all the difference between stressful dating, homework or exam situatins and make you wonder how they are so cool about everything.

 See Seasonal Pages   late afternoons  All year round   13-18   HK$3500

Mindfulness for Adults


This six (6) week evening course for adults will also raise awareness of stressors in life. We will also look at what modern neuroscience says about what we can do to ameliorate the sometimes debilitating effects these can have on our minds, bodies, families and work-life. Classes are held in the evenings year-round.


  See Seasonal Pages Evenings          All year round  18+  HK$ 3500


Classes are facilitated by a number of members of staff and overseen by Fully Qualified and Accredited Coaching Psychologist Scarlett Mattoli BA Psych (Hons), PGC, PGD, MSc Psych, MSc Coaching Psych (Merit), MA Counselling (HD), PsyD (Candidate)

Do let us know if you are interested but cannot make these days. We would be delighted to start another group opportunity where we can reach our minimum number of six (6) participants.