Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

Coaching Psychology for Personal interests is a one to one relationship that invests only in you and is a very specific and unique discipline that should not be confused with conselling or related psychological services.

Personal Coaching does have evidence based grounding and is best provided when underscored with theories that were developed in the psychoanalytic and counselling professions. Specific theories  uitilised include Solution-Focussed, Short-Term, Cognitive Behavioural, Behavioural, Transpersonal, Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology practices.

Coaching Psychology practices for Personal issues can be effective in a range of situations involving;

            • Alleviating Anxiety
            • Relieving Stress
            • Smoothing Life Transitions
            • Supporting Cross-Cultural Communications
            • Improved Self-Esteem
            • Anger Management/Emotional Control
            • Elevating Mood
            • Overcoming Obstacles
            • Rising to new challenges

Accept all that you choose for your future to hold

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