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What is Coaching Psychology?

"Coaching Psychology is for enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established learning theories and psychological approaches." (Adapted from Grant and Palmer, 2002, as cited in Palmer and Whybrow, 2008)

It is a practice drawn from many disciplines, taking the best of traditional practices such as Perls' Gestalt, Freud's and Jung's Psychodynamic and Ellis's, Beck's and Meichenbaum's Cognitive Behavioural approaches as well as new ones like Martin Seligman's Positive Psychology and Miller and Rollnick's Motivational Interviewing.

The practice of Coaching Psychology involves only evidence-based, well-researched and proven methods to provide clients with the structure and support they need to work through their goals and aspirations.

Coaching Psychology is a professional practice that can empower you to achieve whatever goal you set and is based in a working empathic relationship of mutual trust and respect.

This is not a therapeutic intervention or a clinical interview. While psychometrics and assessments often inform the relationship, this is not a diagnostic service.

The coaching psychology services at Psynamo provide you with an impetus to overcome, grow, improve and flourish.

What does Coaching Psychology do for me?

The practice of coaching psychology works to assist clients in the discovery of all that exists within them, both potential and desire, and provides the support and strategies needed to realise these possibilities.

Coaching Psychology is a practice that can guide you to the improvements you want in your life. In addition to achieving set goals, many people have found benefits such as better focus, improved self-esteem, greater confidence, better relationships, improved familial interaction and much more. Often, fulfilling one goal has a knock-on effect and the improvements expand into other areas of life.

Psynamo provides Coaching Psychology services in Hong Kong to Individuals, Families, Students, Educators and for Health or Personal Issues.

We provide these services face-to face, over the telephone and via Skype. We are currently able to work with clients face-to-face in Hong Kong, by appointment in Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing, and everywhere via telephone or Skype only.

Coaching Psychology Evidence-Based and Researched Methods and Techniques include:

  • • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
  • • Solution-Focused Coaching
  • • Appreciative Inquiry Coaching
  • • Transpersonal Coaching
  • • Psychodynamic Coaching
  • •Person Centred-Coaching
  • • Health Coaching
  • • Motivational Interviewing
  • Positive Psychology
  • • Mindfulness
  • • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Coaching

We are also able to offer the following practices:

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (atheoretical practice associated with Gestalt Psychology)
  • TimeLine Therapy™
  • Hypnotherapy 

We offer a range of services to assist you and your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to flourish and be who you really can be.

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