Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

Our children have more information and opportunity available to them than ever before. Parents and educators can often provide more support as well with general developmental theory being more widely shared, understood and enacted in ways that were not available half a century ago.

In an effort to give our children the edge and ensure their academic success, we often prepare them for experiences before they present themselves, which can often help to allay fears of the unknown and anxiety in children.

In an effort to do this parents and educators alike, often offer children many opportunities to practice for they first real academic experiences in primary education and do so with great success. Other times, children need specific and targeted support in order to arrive at their best.

We offer a range of assessments and interventions aimed at supporting  both ends of that spectrum by helping children and their parents prepare for kindergarten and primary school whether it be with extra boosting or in care for a genuine developmental need.

Standardised assessments help to arrive at a targeted goal and help to move your child most efficiently down the track towards any goals set, ready to take on the world, or at least their first year.

Many kindergartens incorporate this preparatory element into their curriculum but some do not.

 For those parents who would like to ensure their child is ready for their first schooling experience we offer assistance in the core areas of social, emotional, cognitive and behavioural development checks and strategies.


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