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Psynamo is proud to offer a range of testing materials and services created by

Knight Chapman Psychological (KCP) based in the UK.

KCP is a specialist consultancy of Chartered Occupational Psychologists. Established in 1988, KCP is a leading provider of assessment and consultancy solutions at work. The goal of KCP is to make the theory, principles and practice of applied psychology more accessible to businesses, public sector organisations and individuals across the globe.

KCP offers an extensive portfolio of products and services including Questionnaires, Ability Tests, Simulation Activities and online learning opportunities.

KCP Questionnaires and Ability Tests include a distinguished series of Personality and Motivational Questionnaires, Developmental Questionnaires and a well established series of Ability Tests.

Please click here to learn more about Questionnaires and Ability Tests offered by KCP.

KCP Simulation Activities have been designed for assessment, development and coaching contexts. More than 35 year's experience in public and private sectors has provided modern and realistic scenarios that provide participants with the opportunity to demonstrate samples of their typical behaviour and skills at work. Activities include Group Activities, In-Tray and E-Tray Activities and Presentation Activities

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KCP offer an excellent range of online learning opportunities that can lead to certifications in testing competence issued by the British Psychological Society (BPS). KCP offer online learning option including BPS Certificates of Competence in testing Level A, Level B (Intermediate) and Test Administration as well as Behavioural Interviewing Skills and Assessment Centre Techniques.

"KCP offer a quality, highly-personalised service that is unequalled by other providers. Be sure to reserve a place on one of their courses as soon as you can as they fill up very quickly!"         - Hong Kong based participant in e-learning opportunities.

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You may also call locally (+852) 2789 9907 or write to for more details.


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