Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

What is Instructional Coaching?


This is a Coaching Psychology practice for Educators from the early years programmes all the way up through to university pursuits.


Coaching Psychology is a one-to-one relationship to achieve identified and quantifiable goals. Having a coach work with you is having an equal partnership to find a solution to find a solution to an issue you would like to improve upon or to a problem or dilemma you may be experiencing. Instructional Coaching Services offered by Pysnamo are evidence-based and completely confidential.  


Coaching psychology practices can help to resolve issues in the classroom, with parents or colleagues or even with how to expand your current experience and education. 


Evidence-based coaching psychology practices are able to provide;

            • enhanced well-being
            • facilitated goal-attainment
            • reduced anxiety, stress or depression
            • increased personal effectiveness
            • increased self-confidence
            • improved working relationships
            • improved self-efficacy
            • improved job satisfaction
            • more effective relations with student families


We offer individual and/or group educator coaching psychology sessions and workshops for related topics. We also offer group student coaching psychology services for enhancing 'Positive Education' practices or to help put them in place including the use of Mindfulness and Self-Esteem programmes.


Sessions are arranged at mutually convenient times and locations, agreed upon in advance and we will respect each other's privacy and development at all times. There can be one-off sessions to solve a current issue or multiple sessions to resolve more deeply rooted matters. After initial sessions, follow-up sessions may be held via telephone or Skype.




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