Psynamo Group Professional Mental Health Practice

Our Coaching Psychology services for Parents and Families utilise evidence-based practices to work with families in achieving identifiable and quantifiable goals. We utilise techniques ranging from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Short-term and Solution-Focussed Coaching to Transpersonal Coaching and Mindfulness.

The results of coaching using evidence-based practices have been associated with;

            • enhanced well-being
            • reduced anxiety, stress and depression
            • increased personal effectiveness
            • increased self-confidence
            • improved sense of self-efficacy
            • improved 'job' satisfaction
            • raised awareness of communication style
            • potential for greater family cohesion

Whether you want to resolve behavioural issues, become the best parent YOU can be or just find a solution to an everyday problem, Coaching Psychology practices for Parents and Families can help you see, hear and feel your world more clearly.

Coaching Psychology creates a relationship between the coach and coachee(s) that involves honesty, trust, understanding and time. Coaching Psychology services are completely confidential and have at heart the achievement of the coachee(s).

Coaching Psychology is not therapy, counseling or clinical diagnostic work and therefore works in the moment and for the future. Once a goal has been identified and agreed, sessions may occur in face-to-face meetings, especially when specific skills need to be learned and practiced, or may also be carried out by telephone or Skype where appropriate circumstances allow for it.

At Psynamo we help families in Hong Kong and Internationally to realise and enjoy their real possibilities and achieve their best goals. This may be to enhance already fantastic parenting practices or to address and resolve issues that may be experienced at various points in the development of our children.

Our Parent Coaching Psychology Services facilitate recognition of areas for enhancement or improvement, setting goals to achieve this improvement and learning the skills to carry on doing so independently for Parents and Caregivers as well as all members of the household.

Call today to learn how we can work together towards a better tomorrow for you and your family.


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